Our vision

RH Nanopharma strives to bring a safe and faster onset analgesic/ anti inflammatory drug with key differentiating features from NSAIDS such as

  • Safer NSAID
  • No COX 1/2 binding
  • NO GI bleeding/ NO cardiac risk
  • Nanoformulation
  • Oral/ IV/ Opthalmic dosage forms

Target indications include

  • RHN001 (Oral) for Osteoarthritis Acute Pain
  • RHN002 for Acute Pain/ Postoperative Pain Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • RHN003 (Ocular) for Anterior Uveitis Neuropathic Corneal Pain (NCP)
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Our Approach

Develop a Safer and Fast acting Anti inflammatory agent

At RHNanopharma, we are dedicated to treating, preventing, slowing and reversing current acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our current approach is to to focus on common inflammatory disease such as osteoarthritis, Acute pain, Postop pain, Traumatic brain injury(TBI), Anterior Uveitis, and Neuropathic Corneal Pain (NCP)

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Our Pipeline

News and Events

RH Nanopharmacuticals submits IND application to U.S. FDA for RHN001 AND RHN002 for Phase 1 Clinical study in healthy volunteers- May 13, 2021